Friday, December 20, 2013

Product Review: Jane Cosmetics Water-Resistant Eyeliner

Back in my first Ulta Haul, I shared that I purchased the Jane Cosmetics Water-Resistant Eyeliner ($6) after hearing that it was great for the waterline.  Today, after being able to really test it out, I wanted to share my full thoughts on it.
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Simply said, this liner is awesome!  Now, I really, seriously did not need another black eyeliner since I have a billion of them to begin with.  But I never really found that Holy Grail black liner for my waterline that would actually stay put all day without smudging and smearing below my eyes.  So long story short, I kept buying more and more and more in the hope that at least one would stay put.

I think the Jane one might just be my HG black pencil liner.  It transfers really easily and is very black.  Not only does it actually stay on my waterline all day, but it doesn't creep down into my undereye area, either.  It also doesn't smudge on my top lid, even though my lids are oily.

I also love that it's a mechanical pencil, so there's no need to bring a sharpener if you want to travel with this.  And the best's $6!  Ulta constantly has coupons and other promotions, so you should be able to pick this up for even less than that.

To compare it to other popular liners, it transfers just as easily as the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, but lasts much longer on me.  It isn't quite as black as something like the Perversion pencil from UD, but definitely holds a candle to shades like UD's Zero, Mac Feline or Smolder, or Stila's Onyx.

I would absolutely recommend this liner, and I'm tempted to pick up a few more in some other colors (Ulta offers 20 shades).  In particular, I'm really digging the Rose Gold shade, and I'd love to try Black Sparkle, Deep Purple, and Midnight Blue.

Have any of you tried this liner?  Do you love it?  What shades must I grab?!

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