Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Have A Black Eyeliner Problem

For some odd reason, I decided to count how many black eyeliners I have in my collection.  18.  I have freakin EIGHTEEN black eyeliners.  A little much, no?  12 pencils, 5 liquids, and 1 gel.  Who needs this much black eyeliner?!  If my husband reads this, you'll see me on the next episode of Hoarders.

In an attempt to justify my ridiculousness, I figured I may as well swatch them and hope they're at least a little different.  

Here are my 12 black pencils.

And my 5 liquids and 1 gel.

My ultimate conclusion - I definitely don't need this many black liners.  However, even though many of them do swatch identical similarly, the textures and wear times do vary greatly.  Here are my top picks and the biggest misses from my collection.

Best Black Eyeliners

1.  Mac's Fluidline in Blacktrack ($16).  This gel liner is pretty much Holy Grail for me.  Definitely my go-to daily liner, even though it does smudge a little, and it irritates my contact lenses when I use it on my waterline.  I love the deep color and the crisp line I can get with it.

2.  Loreal Lineur Intense Carbon Black ($8.99).  The felt tip makes this liquid liner basically foolproof.  Great black color and doesn't smudge at all, even on my oily lids.  Comparable to Makeup Forever's Aqua Liner ($23) in my mind, but I like the price point or Loreal's liner much better!

Worst Black Eyeliners

1.  Mac's Penultimate Liner ($19.50).  I should just toss this, I never use it.  It's barely black, has a dry formula, and doesn't transfer easily to the lid.  Maybe mine is a dud??

2.  Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner ($18).  I love how black this is, but omg it gets everywhere.  Waterproof my ass!  It's super smudgey, which can be a great thing, but not when it claims to be waterproof and it smears all over your face when you don't want it to.  Maybe it's my oily lids, but I wouldn't purchase this liner.  (Mine came with a palette...I didn't purchase it separately.)

What black eyeliners do you love or hate?  Are there any I am missing that can justify adding to my collection?  Help me feed my addiction :)

As always, everything in this post is my honest personal opinion.  No affiliate links were used.  I have not accepted any consideration for sharing these items with you.  Unless indicated otherwise, all products were purchased by me with my own money.

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