Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of Beauty 2013!

So many amazing products launched in 2013 that it was a little hard for me to really narrow down my top picks.  There were many products I didn't go for (Naked 3, really any of the MAC collections, Tarte Brazilliance, Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments...) but I also fell victim to a lot of new things, too!

So.  Since it was 2013....here are my Top 13 Products :)  (Some of these I know are not products that were launched in 2013, but they are all products that I personally discovered this past year.)
In no particular order....

1.  Sephora Formula X Nail Polishes.  The formula on these absolutely blew me away.  They're amazing.  They last longer than normal polish on me, and I find that I don't need to topcoat them.  The "new classics" shades seem to be the best formulas, but I've loved every one I have tried.  My 2 personal favorite shades are Haphazard (a dark neon purple jelly) and Ignite (a perfect classic red creme).

2.  Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Peppermint Lip Balm.  I am just obsessed with this stuff...that's really all there is to it!  It was the only lip product that really stuck out in my mind for this year.  I know it's a fairly recent purchase (early November), but I use it every single day.  It smells fantastic and gives the prettiest natural sheen.

3.  Hourglass Ambient Powder in Diffused.  I'm sure everyone and their mother is going to include an Ambient Power in their 2013 favorites, and I hate to be so cliche, but I honestly do just LOVE this powder.  I only have Diffused...which is meant to even out your skintone by reducing redness and to blur pores and imperfections.  I use this as an all-over setting powder, and I think it does exactly what it is marketed to do.  I don't see the powder on my skin (and you aren't supposed to), but I definitely notice a nicer complexion.

4.  Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush.  Before trying this brush, I thought it was for sure just a marketing ploy, but my opinion changed within 10 seconds of dipping it into my Ambient Powder.  It really, really does work better than any other brush I tried with the powder.  It keeps the product from flying up and out of the pan, so I feel less wasteful, and it does a great job applying a thin, even layer...just enough to make your skin look awesome but not powdery or cakey.  If I am going to be spending $45 on a face powder, I'm glad I spent the additional money on the brush that it really is meant to work wonders with.  You won't regret this purchase!

5.  The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.  This is a great highlight.  It's the most pigmented powder highlight I've ever used, and the golden glow it gives is natural and gorgeous. 

6.  Beauty Blender Solid Cleanser.  Another product that I thought was probably a waste of money and just a marketing scheme.  After once use, though, man did I realize I was wrong!  This stuff actually works....and works much, much better than the liquid soaps I tried cleaning my Beauty Blender with.  I only use this on my Beauty Blender, so it will last me a while.

7.  Hourglass Veil Primer.  The best face primer out there...hands down.  It smooths your skin and actually does keep your makeup on all day.  It pairs well with any foundation, but it is beyond incredible when paired with #8...

8.  Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.  Hourglass snagged 4 of my Top 13 spots this year...I guess you guys can tell what my favorite brand has been! ;)  They really do just make amazing products, and Immaculate is no exception.  This is HG foundation for me...I have never, ever used anything so amazing.  If you have oily skin, get your butt to Sephora today and get a sample of this stuff.  This is the only foundation that has ever stayed on me for 6+ hours without the need to retouch and that has also kept my blush/bronzer/highlighter from fading, too.  I stay matte and perfect all day long.  You absolutely cannot beat this stuff if you have oily skin.  (It isn't meant for anything but!)

9.  Urban Decay Eyeliner Vault.  Ohhhhhhh how I love this thing.  I have the original version, and while it was insanely expensive and probably really sort of a waste of money, I love that I own basically every single UD eyeliner out there.  And I actually do use most of them!  I find that experimenting with eyeliner is such an easy, fun way to add color to your look.

10.  Jane Water Resistant Eyeliner.  The first black pencil liner I've ever owned that actually stays on my waterline.  See my full review here :)

11.  Soleil Tan de Chanel Makeup Bronzing Base.  Loooooooove this stuff.  This is a product that is new to me, but has been talked about forever.  It is the only cream bronzer I've ever tried, but I can't say I feel the need to look anywhere else for a better one!  It's awesome.  It's very natural on the skin and I think it would suit anyone from the fairest girls to those somewhere in the range of a Mac NC/NW 38/40.  I love to apply mine with a damp Beauty Blender for a sheer wash of color.

12.  Red Cherry Lashes.  I discovered these over the summer when I found Jaclyn Hill on YouTube, and I am SO glad I did.  They're super duper cheap (like $3 a pair!!) and they look gorgeous.  I've used my #43s a few times already and they're still in great shape.

13.  Makeup Geek Eyeshadows.  I finally placed my first Makeup Geek order this year, and I absolutely LOVE Marlena's eyeshadows!  They're the quality of Mac's permanent line at 1/3 of the price.  My personal favorite shade is Creme Brulee, which is a warm brown perfect for blending out the crease.  And they're cruelty-free to boot.  I definitely plan to purchase more of these in 2014!

What made your favorites list this year?

As always, everything in this post is my honest personal opinion.  No affiliate links were used.  I have not accepted any consideration for sharing these items with you.  Unless indicated otherwise, all products were purchased by me with my own money.

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