Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Little One and I Went Shopping :)

Yesterday, my daughter decided I decided to drag my little one to Ulta to spend our 20% off coupon that came earlier in the month.  (If you haven't received one, you should see it on Ulta's Facebook page if you Like them!  They've also been sending them via email.)

I didn't grab too much stuff since I did go a little makeup crazy in November, but I picked up a few items to share.  Plus you'll get to see my Christmas tree and meet my black lab, Molly, in the video :)

Have you tried any of these?  I'd love to hear some opinions on the Sally Hansen kit!  

(Not-so-funny story...after I filmed the video, that night I went to try out the gel polish system and my little UV light broke!!  The part that the a/c adapter plugs into came loose and the connection is now rattling around inside of the light.  I contacted Sally Hansen to see if they would send me a replacement, but I haven't heard back yet.  If and when I can ever get it working again, I plan to do a review of all the Sally Hansen gel products!)

Thanks for stopping by!!
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