Monday, January 6, 2014

Mommy Makeup Monday: My Mascara Rules

On Mondays, I share a tip, product or tutorial that will help you look polished and put-together quickly and with minimal effort.  You definitely don't have to be a rushed mom to benefit from these posts...anyone who needs to be out-the-door fast (and who doesn't?!) can appreciate Mommy Makeup Mondays!

Welcome to Mascara Week my lovely readers!  This week I will feature a post each day about my absolute favorite makeup product, which is obviously mascara :)

I chose Mommy Makeup Monday to kick off Mascara Week (instead of just putting up my first post on Tuesday) because even a busy mom has time for a quick swipe of mascara.  There's just no excuse ladies.  Mascara takes like 45 seconds to apply, if that.  Leave a tube out on your bathroom counter and swipe a coat on your top lashes after you brush your teeth.  In my opinion, it is the #1 way to look just that little bit more awake and refreshed, opens your eyes, and just makes you look prettier.

So.  That being said.  Here are my Mascara Rules!

1.  Follow proper hygiene with mascara.  I am making this my #1 Rule because it is SO IMPORTANT!!!!  I've heard women (and I've seen it featured on Pinterest, WTF??) say that they will drop some contact lens solution into an old mascara tube to get more life out of it, and I cannot fathom why on earth anyone would do this!!  These are your eyes you're messing with!!!  Just don't do it!  Toss your mascaras after 3 months, tops.  That's the industry standard as to when a tube of mascara is considered so full of bacteria that you really shouldn't be using it anymore.  If cost is a concern, go drugstore.  You can grab really great mascaras for less than $10!  And another hygiene point...don't share mascara.  Professional makeup artists use disposable wands in their mascara tubes so that there is no cross contamination for a reason.  You just never know.  (And if you're getting your makeup done at a place like Sephora or a counter in the mall, make sure they're using a disposable wand on you!)

2.  Don't pump the wand.  Swirl it while it is in the tube instead.  This reduces bacteria in the tube.

3. Application is important.  When you apply, look down into a mirror to do your top lashes.  Wiggle the brush at the base of the lashes and then pull it upward to comb through your lashes.  If you want a cat-eye effect, pull the brush outward as you swipe.  If you want to open up your eyes more and make them look rounder, swipe straight up.  One coat is really all you need for day time, but of course a second coat looks awesome too.  :)

4.  Wait to do your lower lashes until all your other makeup is done.  This way, you aren't blending concealer or anything else into your mascara.

5.  If you smudge, don't worry...just wait!  Waiting until any mascara that smudged accidentally on your face or top eyelid is 100% completely dry makes it much easier to remove it.  I know this seems counter-intuitive, but when mascara dries, it flakes off.  This means you won't just be moving it around your face even more, just causing black stripes.  After it's totally dry, just rub it off with a Q-tip.  If you use a gentle hand, you won't disrupt any makeup under the mascara smudge.

So those are my must-follow rules for mascara.  Stay tuned this week for tips on removal and to hear about some awesome mascaras that I recommend!

Thanks for stopping by :)  I hope you enjoyed and found these helpful!

As always, everything in this post is my honest personal opinion.  No affiliate links were used.  I have not accepted any consideration for sharing these items with you.  Unless indicated otherwise, all products were purchased by me with my own money.

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